Executive Monitor Report

Why do we need an Executive Monitor Report?

Since 1997 the Upper Austrian Chamber of Employees has established the Austrian Work Climate Index. So far, the situation of employees in managerial functions has been addressed only marginally. This shall be changed from now on. For the first time we present an Executive Monitor Report. What about the job satisfaction of executives in Austria? What are their worries and troubles? These questions are to be addressed. To this end we use the data of the Work Climate Index, supplemented by additional surveys made within the scope of our Occupational Health Monitor Report.

More than 500,000 executives

The Executive Monitor Report is based on the data of the Austrian Work Climate Index, which includes, among others, the question to the interviewee in face-to-face interviews, if he/she takes an executive position. Approx. 14 percent answer this question in the affirmative. Projecting this figure, we get a number of more than 500,000 executives in Austria. This includes foremen/forewomen in the industry and branch managers in trade, as well as managing directors in the private sector, or executives in the field of public administration.

Thus the Executive Monitor Report covers a wide range. By issuing this report, the Upper Austrian Chamber of Employees wants to draw attention to the situation of these employees. Their everyday working life is hardly ever the subject of reporting, in marked contrast, for example, to the situation of top managers, which is dealt with quite frequently. Moreover, the results of the Executive Monitor Report serve the purpose of better adapting the services offered by the Chamber of Employees and the trade unions to the needs, interests and problems of employees in managerial capacities.

The first evaluation has revealed

  • 70 per cent - motivating their employees;
  • 59 per cent - having to take harsh decisions now and then;
  • 45 per cent - probably becoming involved in personal conflicts.

Moreover, people with managerial functions are also faced with high physical challenges. 23 per cent of them said they worked more than 45 hours a week, another 22 per cent work more than 40 hours a week.

Satisfied with income

In general, however, executives are more satisfied with their jobs than other employees. In the Work Climate Index, they currently achieve 112 points, while employees without managerial tasks reach 109 index points. The major reason for this is that seven out of ten executives are at least "satisfied" with their income, whereas this is true for only 59 per cent of other employees.

The "Austrian Executive Monitor Report" has been initiated by the Upper Austrian Chamber of Employees and developed together with the institutes IFES and SORA. From now on, it will be prepared and presented at regular intervals. 




Upper Austrian Chamber of Employees
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Why do we need a Work Climate Index?

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